Introducing The Idlewild Collection

We are really proud to introduce our newest line of candles which we call The Idlewild Collection.  Idlewild is a completely separate set of scents from our Signature Collection and are presented in a lovely verdigris-tinted tumbler made of recycled glass. These tumblers can be used for lovely drinking glassware once the candle is done. 

Our Signature Collection focuses on the faithful recreation of specific scents while the new Idlewild Collection contains "concept scent".  These scents are more complex and abstract and relate more to a mood or a feeling than a specific single scent idea. Some of the first scents in this collection to be released will be Stargazer, Simplicity, Wander, Daydream, Vintage, Oasis, and Interlude.

The Idelwild Collection will be released for sale on March 1; however, we are currently accepting wholesale inquires for Idlewild.