About The Flying Farm


Who We Are:  The Flying Farm hand pours small batch soy candles with strong, authentic scents that are meant to evoke happy memories and feelings.  We offer customers beautiful, hand poured candles made with soy wax which is blended with other botanical extracts to provide an all-natural, renewable medium for the real star - our fragrances!  What really makes our candles different is our scent selection.  We choose scents which bring to mind powerful and happy emotions.  Our scent selections are tied to things you can identify. not just vague scent notes and abstract concepts.  We want scents that make our home warm and contribute to our "happy place", or what the Danish people so eloquently describe as hygge, a cozy, convivial space.

The Flying Farm Difference: At The Flying Farm, we source our fragrance oils from more than 10 different companies, and we tirelessly test each version before making final selection.  This extensive testing allows us to find the very best scent notes we are seeking.  Because of this, most of our scents are actually custom blends which we create from the variety of options.  When we created Coffee Shop, our year round best seller, we tested more than a dozen coffee themed oils.  Our final scent is actually a blend of three oils, each purchased from a different source.  No one else is selling this blend and it is why our customers love it so much!  Our customers are constantly amazed by how accurate our scents are and we hear all the time about how a scent reminds them of something happy.  Our goal is to make candles you will actually love to burn -  Candles for Your Life!

Our Story:  Scented candles have always been greatly cherished in our home individually and as a family; however, in the early 2000s we began to learn about the dangers of over exposure to paraffin wax candles.  Paraffin is a waste product of the petroleum refining process and it retains petro-carbons which are released into the air when you burn a paraffin candle.  Additionally, most mass-produced candles rely on harmful additives to produce the strong scent throw we have come to expect from the big-name candle makers.  Their candles are also heavily dyed which inhibits a wick's ability to combust, so lead or zinc core wicks are commonly used to generate enough heat to burn all the additives in the candle.  Unfortunately, all those additives and pollutants are being added to the air you breathe.  
When I began making candles, I knew I would only ever use natural waxes.  We chose not to use palm wax, which is a wonderful, natural wax, because of the destruction of the rainforests where palm trees grow.  Even though palm oil suppliers are working towards sustainable practices, it currently is not a consistent process.  Soy wax, however, is a sustainable wax.  The vast majority of soy is grown by American farmers and has its use as a wax has been a boon to the farming community. 
We love the look of the creamy soy wax and the warm glow it casts when lit.  Our candles range from pure white to pale yellow depending on the scent oil used,  but no coloring agents are used.  We don't add any UV inhibitors or whitening agents so the appearance of the wax can vary by scent but they are all beautiful!