Candles for Your Life - What Does That Really Mean?

Candles for Your Life - What Does That Really Mean?

We all have piles of candles that we rarely burn because we bought them primarily for their decorative value.  Those are candles for your Home.  We make candles for your Life, which simply means, we make candles for you to burn and enjoy.

We don't want to make candles that favor style over function or value.  We want our candles to create an atmosphere of pleasure and comfort for you through their strong, accurate scents, their warm, inviting glow, and their colorful and fun aesthetic.  We hope that our candles become a part of your daily joy - a major factor in your personal happy place.  We hope you love them so much that you burn them down to the end (and then use that container for something else!)  

So with those thoughts always in our minds, we choose containers that are attractive but functional - something that has a purpose beyond just a candle - and we carefully consider cost vs. aesthetic.  Our labeling is colorful and fun but we use transparent jars and clear labels so that the wonderful glow is not blocked by packaging.  And our scents are our biggest factor- we look for scents that related to specific things, like flowers, fruits, and sweet treats, or scents that can recreate a definable pleasurable experience, like going into a coffee shop or ice cream parlor.  Our scents are chosen for the warm and happy feelings they help create, and hopefully, for the positive memories they help for you to recall.  (See our previous blog post about Scent and Memory Recall!)  

The Flying Farm - Candles for Your Life!

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