FAQ: Where does the name The Flying Farm come from?

FAQ: Where does the name The Flying Farm come from?

Back in the late 70’s, my parents started taking me and my older sister on wilderness camping trips to Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.  Not “glamping,” mind you.  The annual summer trip involved hiking, canoeing, and sleeping in sleeping bags.  We carried everything in backpacks, canoed across lakes, hiked the portages between lakes, and set up on a different campsite each night.  The beauty of the natural park and being surrounded by wildlife was more than a vacation.  It was an adventure, and we had a truly amazing time every year! 

The only downside was that there was a high potential for losing items along the way, and once lost, they were likely gone forever.  It’s not as if the park had a viable Lost & Found and there was no social media back then to help make an amazing return of lost treasures.  So my sister and I were gravely concerned about the possibility of losing cherished toys that we might bring.  We usually managed to keep track of one special toy, maybe a stuffed animal or a Hot Wheels, but we primarily relied on imagination to fuel our playtime.

Our favorite imagination game became our invisible farms.  We would run around the campsites and woods finding and collecting all kinds of imaginary exotic animals and bringing them back to our farms.  (My farm had an orca.  Beat that, Joe Exotic!)

The problem was, every day we moved on to a new campsite, so naturally it became necessary that our farms could also fly.  We would always refer to them as our “flying farms” and they became one of the cherished highlights of our storied childhood adventures.

As an adult, I am still strongly connected to my childhood and the fond memories of days long ago.  I have also always had a love of candles, and the scented candles we create so often connect me straight back to my fondest memories.  So the name, The Flying Farm, is an homage to the happiest and best time ever in my life!

It is our hope that our candles help you reconnect with your own fond memories and create happy places for you too!

 PS. We have named one of our candles "Algonquin" in honor of the park.  It captures the scent of the forest in summer and you can find it here


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